Medical Technology

The trend in medical technology is also leading towards miniaturization, therefore opening up new possibilities for application. Through the use of high-performance plastics, components are now able to withstand many sterilization cycles without significant loss of material characteristics. Exactly this combination is our strength: the production of high-performance plastics to highly precise miniature and micro parts.

Media insert

Material: PEEK
Dimensions: approx. 70 mm long
Special Features: Internal optical fibers and metal tubing for media transport
Weight of Part: 3,0 g

The component is sterilized with steam by the end user (over 3.000 cycles). The necessary optical fibers must withstand the stress of injection, in which a common plastic would be destroyed. Material: hardened glass. The challenge: coating of glass tubes with PEEK molding compound without damaging them.

A suitable mold layout and intelligent positioning of the glass inserts allow the glass tubes to be coated and while withstanding an injection temperature of 400°C as well as an injection pressure of over 1200 bar.


Threaded Tube

Material: PA 12
Dimensions: approx. Ø 17 mm x 42 mm
Special Features: special internal threading, viewing window, very thin wall thickness

Weight of Part: approx. 1,2 g

No protusion at injection point or anywhere on the component. Absolutely smooth and clean viewing window without sinking. Tight tolerances in the thread pitch and flank.

The viewing window must receive enough dwell-pressure, although the injection point may not be positioned in this thick area. The appropriate mold and injection mold machine allow for build up in the thin walled area as well as the thick walled area without sinking. The inner core is threaded without leaving any traces of scratches in the viewing window.