PKT Telecommunication

It’s hard to imagine today’s world of communication technology without connectors. PKT has decades of experience in the production of connector strips made of all common plastics (i.e. PBT, PC, LCP). Our product spectrum ranges from DIN strips to multi-pole miniature connectors with a 1.25mm grid and positioning tolerances of 0.03mm of the sockets. 



SIM-Card Reader

Material: LCP
Dimensions: 18 x 20 x 0,5 mm
Special Features: Extremely thin wall thickness combined with strict requirements on planarity. Resistance to reflow and exact contact dimensions
Weight of Part: 0,022 g

Observance of extreme dimensional tolerances in combination with required planarity according to thermal stress. Thin wall thickness of plastic and metal parts.

Choice of appropriate material in combination with injection technique and complex manufacturing line: many stamping and bending processes in line with an injection molding machine as well as camera monitoring of critical areas at various points in the manufacturing line.


Break Contact Element

Material: LCP with 30 % GF
Dimensions: 6.0 x 4,0 x 1 mm
Special Features: Telecommunication switch in very high quantities with flexible order quantities
Weight of Part: 0,013 g

Development of the switch contact in the middle of the component (preloaded when finished; can be opened by placing pressure on the inner rivet). Challenge: bended contact terminals, which are positioned under the component and theoretically cannot be produced. Runner system: short cycletimes combined with small amounts of material.

Manufacturing line with several integrated press machines with stamping and bending tools as well as stations for 100% checks via camera system. A strip accumulator, several strip winding machines, a mobile strip welder and other stations around the injection mold machine complete the manufacturing line.