Watchmaking Industry

Watch components out of plastic are the economic alternative to the elaborate production of metal parts. Less weight, adequate stiffness and a more rationalized production lead to more freedom in design. The molds necessary for production are precision products that fulfill the following requirements: production of large quantities, keeping tolerances in the range of 0.01mm and no burrs.




Material: PBT
Dimensions: Ø 10 x 1
Special Features: Extreme gear geometry with a special gear teeth
Weight of Part: 0,1 g

The part has special gear teeth with m=0.135. The position of the extremely delicate teeth relative to one another must be correct.

Modern machine technology for mold building makes it possible to reproduce the exact gear geometry for the model. The dimensional requirements of the component can be ensured even if there are many mold cavities.


Toothed Lock Washer

Material: PBT
Dimensions: Ø 4 x 0,3
Special Features: Extremely thin wall thickness
Weight of Part: 0,002 g

The filling process of multiple mold cavities must be reliable even though the annual number of pieces can range up to 7 digits. 

Special machinery is used in mold building and injection molding to ensure the required precision and regularity.