PKT Mold Design

Our designers work hand in hand with the project management team during the design and development phases. Modern tools such as a 3D simulation software for simulating mold filling or 3D-based mold design are used. A close collaboration between our design, mold building and production departments is the key to highly precise injection molds in combination with an optimal production.




• Simultaneous Engineering coordinates design and development

• 3D simulations

• 3D-based mold design


PKT compliments Bosch on the MID Industry Award 2011

The Bosch GmbH was rewarded with this year’s MID Industry Award for the completely new implementation of a pressure sensor using MID-Technology. Thanks to its miniaturized design the pressure sensor can be used in all new ESP Brake-Control-Systems of the automotive industry and can be manufactured in lot sizes of 10 million pieces per year. PKT with its pioneering expertise in the production of three-dimensional interconnect devices has played a mayor part in the development of this innovation.
The interconnect devices are manufactured in two- or multi-component injection molding processes. They also provide the possibility to integrate three-dimensional, electro-plated conductor-structures.
Especially when dealing with large volumes, complex component designs and the through-hole-connection on various different component levels multi-component injection molding has become more and more the process of choice.





Serial Production of 3D-2K-MID

MID technology has been the topic of discussion for a long time. In 2K-MID technology, the structure of the circuit carrier design is laid during the injection mold process. This technology allows the production of large quantities of components requiring a high level of quality for the electronic sector. In the past, many companies have attempted to implement MID technology in trials and prototypes. PKT has succeeded in implementing 2K-MID technology in serial production. A special network of business partners and scientific institutes was created in order to meet the tremendous challenges of this technology. Would you like to find out more about PKT’s 2K-MID technology?


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