PKT Production

The production of large quantities at PKT is fully automated. The granulate is pre-dried by a central drying system to ensure optimal injection conditions and then supplied to the machines through a system of pipes. Our modern machinery and clean environment provide all of the conditions necessary to satisfy requirements in quality and flexibility. Modern measurement and testing equipment verify product quality and are important for ensuring complete documentation as well as for our special customer support.




• Hydraulic and electric machines (15 to 100 tons)

• Reel-to-reel technique, two component moulding

• Sorting parts by mold cavity

• Depositing of parts through handling systems or robots


Direct Packaging at the Machine.

Strict requirements regarding cleanliness and optically pleasing surfaces require special handling. For this reason, many articles produced by PKT are packaged directly at the machine preventing any further contact or ensuing damage. PKT uses a highly developed concept for removing parts directly from the machine to be controlled on the manufacturing line and then be directly packaged. The result is a finished package ready for dispatch as well as an increase in process quality.




High-Performance Thermoplastics at PKT

PKT works with almost all high-performance plastics available today: from the technical plastics PA, PBT, POM or ABS to PMMA, PPO, PPA, PAA and PES, PSU, or PEI as well as high-performance thermoplastics such as LCP, PPS or PEEK. PKT has a suitable solution for tool design as well as for injection mold production for every plastic. All common fillers are processed at PKT, such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, glass beads, PTFE, carbon or titanium dioxide. There are special mold materials and equipment for every type of filler. PKT is able to implement a filler content of more than 65% raw material.



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