Right... and all right!

Multi-component injection moulding: Automotive component adjusting screw.

When we handle your injection-moulding tasks, we push the limits of what’s possible! Whether it’s micro-injection moulding or precision injection moulding, technical thin-walled and multi-components or hybrid components, we offer the best solution for your needs.
Right… and all right!

Precision injection moulding: Housing for fibre optic connection for use in information technology.

Micro- and precision-injection moulding

Big things in small packages.

Micro- and precision-injection moulding:

  • Production of high-precision plastic parts with microstructures and/or micro-dimensions with a part weight below 0.001 g
  • Removal devices with high acceleration values and repetition precision of ≤ 0.03 mm
  • Uniform filling of high-cavitation micro-injection-moulding tools
  • Process regulation procedures with elaborate sensors and regulation technology
  • External measurement data system for the recording, monitoring and evaluation of important process parameters
  • Plane-parallelism/position precision of ejector and nozzle side < 5 μm
  • Burr-free bores up to a core diameter of 0.16 mm
  • Precise balancing of the cold runners, even with high-cavitation tools
  • Use of micro-hot runner systems with valve gate
  • Precise close-contour insert temperature control
  • Consistent wall thicknesses
  • Material exemptions, including for micro-parts
  • Precise implementation of ventilation tracks within 2 μm
  • Smallest gate diameters of 0.1 mm reproducible across mould cavities

Technical thin-wall injection moulding

Always dimensionally accurate – and that includes thin-walled parts.

Technical thin-wall injection moulding includes:

  • The smallest of wall thicknesses of 0.2 mm, depending on the material and component geometry
  • For technical materials, a flow path wall thickness ratio of 150:1, depending on the material and absolute wall thickness
  • Use of injection-moulding machines with high injection dynamics and injection power
  • Maximum reproducibility

Multi-component injection moulding

Diverse processes.

For multi-component injection moulding, we’re able to offer the following processes:

  • Overmoulding
  • Index plates
  • Rotary table
  • Core back
  • If required, thermal separation of the plastic components in the tool
  • Use of electrically driven core pulls and/or unscrewing devices possible

Hybrid parts

Joining materials!

For your hybrid parts, we offer:

  • Implementation of interlocking and/or adhesive connections between plastic and inserts
  • Universal injection-moulding machines for hybrid production, e.g. overmoulding metal inserts
  • High-precision positioning of inserts with the smallest of dimensional tolerances using a robot, repetition precision: 3/100 mm
  • Preheating of inserts and/or temperature control of the hybrid components for the smallest possible process fluctuations

Micro-injection molding: Valve tappet used in drinking water treatment.

As our customers already know, we as a system partner work together with them to always find the right solution. In every sector! “Anyone can do simple,” but we treat each and every one of your tasks as a priority. That’s a promise!